Most people in our world, spend their boring hours daydreaming about living their lives surrounded by sunny beaches, white and warm sands, huge palm trees and a bright sun. What they don’t know is that this dream can become a reality and that many are making it happen: from our next-door neighbor to a close relative, more and more people are choosing to leave the city life behind in exchange for a paradise: living in Mexico.

Many are the questions that will arise when proposing yourself the idea of moving to any of the beach paradises that Mexico has to offer. Deciding to move away for your home country and leave everything behind to become an expat, is a tough and delicate decision that has to be thought about. But one thing is for sure, none of the foreigners that made of Mexico their last home, have regretted it. To have a clear contrast of the expectations you might have and the reality you will encounter when finding a home in Mexico, we offer you a list of all the things you have to know before making up your mind.


What to expect about living in Mexico?

You’re not buying a property; you’re buying an experience

We live in a time in which more than valuable goods; the new family and home of this era is also shaped by all the possible emotional experiences that are bound to the home, community or living conditions that we aim for. By doing a smart investment in a condo in Mexico, you will not only purchase a beach house; you will be purchasing a new life, the chance to meet new friends, to broaden your mind with an unknown culture and even to find a new purpose in life.

Life in Mexico is on the affordable side

With prices that will always be half the ones we are accustomed to in Canada and the USA, moving to Mexico will give you the best results if what you want is making the best out of your retirement or your life-time savings. The currency in Mexico is called pesos and 19 pesos are equivalent to 1$, therefore, paying for basic services and food makes the cost of living very affordable for an American or Canadian pocket. You can live your expat life in a paradise, treat yourself every now and then and live in a luxury home in Mexico at half the price of what you’ll pay on your home country.

You won’t be alone; you’ll be part of a community

Moving to a whole new country can feel like a bold decision. The language and the culture could seem scary things to face but the true is that Mexico has become the chosen vacation and retirement spot for many expats. When you start your search for condos and villas for sale in the Mexican coast, you will see that most potential buyers and homeowners are English native speakers just like you. Many of the residents in our real estate condos have form a tight community: their neighborhoods have become big families of expats who travel together and help each other.

A condo in Mexico can be your definite home or your vacation spot

For some people can be hard to adjust to a life in a new country, which is why investing in Mexico is the best option: no matter what kind of property you buy, before deciding if it will be your new definite home you can use it as your seasonal spot. Even better, when you’re back in your home country, you can rent it to friends and family and make a little outcome out of it.

Perhaps away from the family, but never distant

One thing that worries most expats, is the fact that they will be living thousands of miles away from their families. But, remember, you would be moving to a paradise on earth so now —more than ever— your friends and relatives will make the necessary arrangements to visit you. You will probably have to end up setting a calendar for visits or your new house will always be overcrowded!

Another air, another life

The key to making of Mexico your starting point to change your life is choosing the best option out of the multiple home sale listings you will find in your search. The properties we have for sale are unique, in the fact, some of them are located in luxurious hotel complex that give you access to all the goodies they offer to their clients. Also, our villas and condos will offer you the chance to take up on a fit life: from tennis courts, to free yoga classes, a wellness center and a gym are some of the things you will get when buying a property with TAO.

Health care is trustable and inexpensive

Although doctors and medical facilities will always vary in quality and prices around Mexico, the touristic areas where most expats live, are often well equipped and updated to the last technology. Prices will always be lower than those in the States or in Canada, and waiting times are practically inexistent. Ask around your new community to find a good doctor, other expats will always be the best source of information.

A new culture and a new language

Mexico is Latin America’s richest country when it comes to food and language. Through their food you will get to know them, but through their language you will get to understand them: learning Spanish will not only be helpful in your new life, it will also give you a new hobby and interest. The best part? When it gets too difficult for a day, you can always take a break, most people speak English in the touristic areas where you’ll find condos for sale.

Working is still a possibility

Whether you’re moving to Mexico to have a peaceful retirement or to change your life, it will not be the end of the work road. There are visas available for expats that allow them to work and live legally in Mexico, but what most of our clients do, is finding remote jobs to do from home that will give them revenues in dollars. Whatever you decide, working or taking a break, Mexico has every option available for you.

Relocating out of your country is not that complicated

The best way to make your experience of relocating a good one, is finding the right guidance. TAO México will not only help you find your dream home at the beach, it will also offer you all of our experience and assistance to make of your choice the best you’ve made in your life.


Living in Mexico and experiencing the paradise on a daily basis is just one decision away: take the leap with us and you won’t regret it.

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