With over one million expatriates settled on the border, Mexico is the most popular choice among Americans looking for a better life abroad.

Of course, one of the greatest attractions of Mexico is its easy access. Depending on your location in the United States, you can handle many parts of Mexico by good roads. If that is not an option, there are flights to Cancun and Mexico City airports from most cities in the United States. In addition, there are plans to open routes to secondary cities in Mexico. And again, depending on your location, you can be at your new home in a time between two and four hours.

When making decisions in your mind is a difficult task, you have reached the right place. TAO proposes to cover each of your needs and requirements if what you are looking for is to live the best way.

After spending many years working, being away from your family, stressed out from the everyday life and longing for a deserve break from your routine, the retirement comes over and many retirees have no clue as to what to do afterwards. Therefore, more and more expatriates have decided to abandon their routine lives to move to places that can add value, such as finding a new purpose or adapting to other cultures.

TAO is the possibility to have a quality life where you can use the money of your retirement or savings of your life in the best and most efficient way in a place that will not make you regret having taken the decision.


Who are the people choosing Mexico?

Due to the proximity and the affordability that it offers when compared to the living prices in North America, an increasing number of Canadian and American retires have decided to make of Mexico their last home. This has brought about an incredible economic growth in the touristic areas which translates into more foreign investments and an improvement in life quality and security.

It’s close to their home countries, which means they can visit and receive visits more frequently than in other regions of the globe and that their money has a longer life as it is a currency stronger that the one used in Mexico.

A new lifestyle

The activities you can do at the coast region of Mexico once you’ve made it your retirement spot are endless. From extreme sports like snorkeling, diving, windsurfing and scuba diving to more humanitarian tasks like teaching English to the locals, volunteering in ecological centers and raising awareness about sustainable ways of living are among the hundreds of things you can do while in Mexico.

Depending on the kind of home you choose, there are complexes where you could have full access to gyms, yoga and Zumba classes, pools and wellness centers just in like most residences built by TAO México. With so much free time, getting fit and working out could be as easy as walking to the gym from your condo complex and use it every day.

Finding a new purpose for yourself and your family as you move to another country after many years working in a determinate field will not be a difficult task, that are so many options open up to you that you will run out of time doing them all.

Commodities are just the same

Canada and the United States, all the food, beverages and personal care items you use in your home country will be available in Mexico, it does not matter which city you are in. Also, other basic needs like cable TV, internet, power and gas are not only available in as good quality as in America, but also at prices that ranges between 25% and 50% less than what you would pay in other cities like Toronto or Florida.

Healthcare is trustable and affordable

One of the biggest fear for some expats is finding good quality healthcare like the one they have in their countries. In Mexico, clinics and hospitals are of the most advanced in the whole of the Latin America continent, more and more foreigners come to Mexico just with the sole intention of getting specific and specialized treatments and procedures that are a lot cheaper that in their home countries but with the same quality. In the touristic areas where most Americans and Canadians live in the Rivera Maya, several top-notch clinics and hospitals are available with even some members of the staff that are bilingual and speak English to offer all the expats in the Yucatán peninsula the best care they will receive in Latin America.

Permanent residences and seasonal homes

Living in Mexico definitely doesn’t have to be only option. Many expats buy nice houses or apartments in condos in which they live only for a period of the year or that they use solely for vacational purposes. Renting is also a possible good source of new incomes, a vast majority of the retirees in the Riviera Maya rent their places to friends, family and other foreigners to use them while they are not in the country. While you make up your mind about moving to Mexico for the rest of your life, you can buy a real estate property here and use it as your seasonal home while you get revenues from it when you rent it.


At TAO México we believe that the Mexican coast is a pearl in the Caribbean that cannot be compared to other destinations out there for retirees and expats like you. We are currently developing several residences and villa complexes to continue investing in the retirement market, we have years of experience so don’t hesitate to reach out to us and ask all the question you might have. We will help you move to the best retirement destination and get the most out of your money. Living a luxurious life is not a dream, in Mexico is a reality.




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